The Fine Art Jewelry of

Marc & Wendy Zoschke

All work is the creation and copyright of

Marc & Wendy Zoschke.

  dba. Vetro Caldo Designs



This is sort of like our virtual home.  Hopefully our website will give you a little insight into our lives, loves and passion.  The passion that I am speaking of is our jewelry.  Wendy and I have been so blessed from the excitement that our fans have for what we create.  We have made so many new friends that share the same passion for really cool “sparkly” stuff.  When Wendy and I first started creating our work we were so excited to make something that we had never made before.  But with all passions, if you want to keep doing it, you have to be able to make a living at it.  We could never have antisipated just how incredible the response was going to be to our jewelry.  So in turn that made us want to do more and learn more.  As we look back at our work from just a few short years ago, we can’t believe the difference.  Very soon Wendy and I are hoping to introduce not only some really cool new pendants using a number of new techniques and materials, but we are also going  to introduce, rings, bracelets, and maybe even some sculpture.  So stay tuned.

Wendy and I personally hope you will enjoy our work as much as we enjoy creating it.


Welcome to Our Home